We Are INVNT Higher Ed

We Believe Right Now is the biggest opportunity in a generation for colleges and universities to redefine themselves for the Next Generation

BRANDSTORY is our craft – anchored by Strategy & Narrative – and brought to life through the unmatched power of LIVE EVENTS & EXPERIENCES that galvanize and inspire every audience that makes an institution soar.

Students, Parents, Alumni Donors, Prospects, Community.


A new campaign

A new leader

A new century

Or a new stake in the ground for your university’s place in this world…

…competing for attention and trust in the modern era requires schools to articulate and express their story through high-value experiences…

…while thinking, communicating and activating like the most sophisticated brands on the planet.

That’s what makes INVNT Higher Ed a unique and potent partner for forward-thinking schools seeking to redefine the way they cultivate and maintain relationships and connect with audiences on a deeper level.

INVNT Higher Ed is led by specialists with decades of experience creating and producing game-changing engagement strategies and live events for higher education….

...combined with the creativity and production expertise of INVNT – the global Live Brand Storytelling Agency™ that works with many of the best-known brands in the world.

We are different . . . by design.

Because we believe in thinking differently and partnering with institutions to create what’s to come – untethered by what was.

We are diverse, innovative, imaginative, fearless and responsible citizens. And we’re committed to setting a new standard for excellence in Higher Ed.



Sarah circle2

Sarah Winkler

Senior Vice President

Sarah Winkler

Senior VP Higher Ed
JoAnn circle2

JoAnn Peroultka

Vice President

JoAnn Peroultka

Vice President


On the Front Lines of Engagement

Over the past months, we’ve witnessed you — as an industry and as culture keepers – rise to the occasion in ways that cultivated trust, instilled a sense of integrity and optimism, and embraced new ideas and technology at head-spinning rates. Now you stand on the front line of what is and what will be, as you determine how to welcome

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