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When you work with a client for over 20 years, you face the ultimate challenge: how do you keep it fresh?

Thankfully, our trusted partners at Subway share the challenger mindset. They look to INVNT to help them consistently raise the bar, do it better, make it new, surprise and inspire their executives, employees, franchisees and other key stakeholders, and do justice to the their dynamic, innovative challenger brand. Whether we’re engaging audiences of thousands or  creating communications for internal programs, it’s a challenge we readily accept.


In the rapidly changing media landscape, even the biggest names in entertainment need to prove their value to the advertising community.

INVNT works with ESPN every year to help shape its message and demonstrate both its enduring cultural relevance and relentless innovation in terms of programming, technology, and as a creative marketing partner to brands and advertisers. Building towards a marquee Upfront event, INVNT applies a blend of messaging, design, entertainment and live performance to showcase ESPN’s unrivalled ability to connect brands with one of the most engaged and passionate audiences in existence.


INVNT is proud to support General Motors as they challenge the global marketplace.

As a global creative and production partner, we deliver consistency of message, design and brand experience across a wide variety of international initiatives, spanning languages, cultures and continents. Our work for GM includes press conferences, ride and drive programs, vehicle launches, branded environments, employee events, consumer activation projects, and print, video and media assets aimed at employees, press and consumers.


    With an annual attendance of over 15,000, the plenary session at the SHRM conference and exhibition is one of the largest live events we design and produce.

    INVNT also provides management of hundreds of break-outs, as well as ongoing creative and production support throughout the year. Our relationship with SHRM has continued to thrive over many years based on a mutual love for emergent technology, cutting edge audience engagement tactics, and a general appetite for throwing out the tried and tested and doing it differently every time.


      Few companies own the challenge like Pepsi, one of the oldest and largest challenger brands in the world.

      As an agency of record for Pepsi, INVNT is challenged to create and produce flawless, cutting edge, truly extraordinary brand communication programs for many of their largest brands across four primary verticals: CSDs, Hydration, Energy and Coffee.  Additionally, we deliver meetings and events, a wide range of creative services, brand environments and experiences for key stakeholders and target audiences including employees, bottlers, investors, press, agency partners and consumers.


        The launch of G-Series was a transformative moment in GATORADE's evolution from a well-known hydration product to a leading sports innovation brand.

        INVNT was selected to help them do it.

        The ongoing collaborative partnership with the GATORADE team and their agency partners includes support for the design and execution of internal communications, live event production, brand environments, high-profile engagement programs, and experiential initiatives targeted at employees, journalists and consumers.


        As one of the largest global providers of insurance, annuities and employee benefits, MetLife builds trust and security with millions of families around the world.

        Our relationship with MetLife is built upon a similar foundation, and INVNT consistently rises to the challenges MetLife brings our way. We regularly collaborate with executives on live presentations for a wide range of recognition events. INVNT helped MetLife stage the largest internal event in their history, bringing together over 4,000 top performers and executives for three days of motivation, recognition, education and entertainment.


          Innovation is inherent in the challenger code at INVNT, and it defines OAAA.

          As the organization that represents the largest out-of-home advertising companies in the world, OAAA challenges INVNT to design and create innovative solutions to communicate with and engage its 800+ member organizations, with specific focus on their annual National Convention and Trade Show. Story, design and the latest technology combine to deliver communication programs and live experiences that properly reflect and represent this ever-changing, dynamic challenger industry.